The biggest breakthrough in cooking since the discovery of fire.

The art of cooking revolves around control. That not only applies to creating the perfect balance of flavors, but also the precise heat to bring them to life. A mere matter of degrees can mean the difference between a beautifully-browned grouper and a mushy mess. The Smart Gas Range from Hestan gives you precision control of your flame’s temperature – not just the size of flame. Set your flame’s heat to the exact degree you need and your Smart Gas range automatically maintains that perfect temperature – for perfect results every time.

Forget Lo, Med and Hi.

Smart Gas controls your flame by temperature, not just size.

Don't eyeball it. Control it. AccuKnobTM

The Hestan Smart Gas AccuKnobTM not only gives you precision control down to the degree, it automatically adjusts to maintain that perfect temperature as you cook. No flare ups. No boil overs. No scorched surprises.

36" 5-Burner Smart Gas Dual Fuel Range

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PureVectionTM Oven

Of course, you also need culinary control in the oven below. Hestan’s PureVectionTM technology automatically optimizes heat and air circulation for consistently exceptional baking, broiling and roasting.

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