Hestan Cooking Appliances


Gas, radiant, induction or smart induction? Hestan cooktops complement your cooking style – and Hestan engineers have dialed in the details so you can dial in your kitchen. From the fastest boil time on the market to our integrated smart cooking system, each cooktop delivers peerless performance.


Pro-Simmer Precision Control

Precision control of the sealed-burner system on the Hestan Gas Cooktop maintains the perfect temperature from roaring boil to the steady delicate flame of Pro-Simmer.

Spectrum Power Display

The Spectrum Power Display on the Hestan Electric Cooktop empowers you with instantly intuitive control over the premium Trinal triple burners.

Smart Induction Cooking

Integrated Hestan Cue technology pairs with Cue Bluetooth-enabled cookware and the Cue app to create a seamless cooking experience. Chef-guided videos walk you through each step and technique for hundreds of recipes.